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WTF are “other things to do”?

May 17, 2009

My broadband on my desktop is in tatters, as in, I only get about 2 minutes of a connection a day, the rest of the time my broadband router just randomly blinks its lights at me. I rang the eircom guys on Thursday when I first noticed it and am now waiting for them to ring me back and maybe getting a guy to come out. I’m currently typing on a borrowed laptop that has 3kbs connection. It took me twenty minutes to get to this page.

No updates for a while until its fixed. Before I go I heard that the tf2 video “Meet The Spy” is out. I can’t see it (there was a several minute pause while typing at this point as I went into the other room and unplugged, replugged, reset, punched and screamed at my router in frustration at this travesty).

I can’t even go outside and do other stuff because of this damn rain.

Wooo daytime tv! *weeps*

At times like this I am in no mood to look for pimp pictures or references.

Sorry to… whoever reads this.


Because it wouldn’t be a personal blog without pimping…

May 14, 2009

“What do you intend on pimping Lambo? I don’t want more of your hookers and drugs!” Is what some people will say.

Or at least it would be kinda cool if some people said that. Come on people just admit it, Pimps! have fucking great hats. Who wouldn’t want to have a gloriously ostentatious Pimp Hat!? And the coats! I think I’m gonna find myself some hoes right now just for the chance that I may one day own a complete Pimp! outfit. If I succeed I believe I would get a letter from heaven, telling me that the Pope was struck from a offshoot of my awesomeness, and that god needs a temporary replacement for “generally awesome guy who will pimp his word.”

Yes it is fair to say I think pimps are cool.

Now as a explanation for the first question. I intend on Pimping! my steam group Eventful Bliss. We run fun things for gamers if we feel like having fun at preset point in the future instead of simply having fun right now when we are bored.

… I’m explaining this wrong aren’t I? Well it seems I was pretty good at explaining things when I put up the groups site so go look at my pretty words from then.

Site here

Steampage here

To give out about how basic and crappy the site is (in other words free) – go here

Now as a sort of apology for not telling you proper news (bah! we all know you don’t come here for proper news … Actually why DO you come here? Answer in comments if you could be arsed.) Heres some pictures of Pimps!

Yes Pimps! are now a recurring theme. I’ll do my best to kill it off before it gets out of hand, but I like it so it’ll be hard.

Unless I find something even cooler than pimps….
Nah, there can’t be anything cooler than pimps can there?


Sniper Update you heard it here first!

May 12, 2009

….. If your ridiculously bad at using the internet and every gaming site ever, just happens to go down, leaving only me.*

Lets have a goat!

Lets have a goat!

I was planning on giving him the


but its late, I'm tired and my Sky Plus has recorded me lots of  stuff to watch.

Anyway. The whole point is to show you this.


I shall quote a acclaimed critic and friend of mine as his piece on this was actually really dead on.

Originally written by Je Suis Un Bear



*This is to now be known as “Plan A”

The Google Machine of Innovation

May 12, 2009

I use Google a lot. I like to use Google.

Sometimes Google do something awesome. Sometimes they do something so awesome it kinda scaree me.

Guess which time I’m talking about now?

Google images now lets you refine your search by colour … think about that for a second.

Heres a demonstration whereby I want to find a pimp hat. But for some reason badly explained reason all I can do is type the letters H A T and S. Obviously thats going to mean a whole lot of trawling through berets and caps to find my pimp hat right?

My search for the perfect pimp hat, now easier!

My search for the perfect pimp hat, now easier!


My search for the perfect pimp hat.

My search for the perfect pimp hat.

A quick twiddle and…

My search for the perfect pimp hat.

My search for the perfect pimp hat.


Pimp Hats!

Pimp Hats!

Either you’ll find it eerie with how it this new sorcery works, or you’ll most likely go hmmm thats kinda cool good on Google and their thinky fellows (and fellowettes of course). Thats them, always coming up with stuff that will make a teenage PC enthusiast spend what is most likely over half an hour blogging about it to a very small group of people who have by now already seen it. Hmmm.

About halfway through this post I got news of the new tf2 update and I think I might have better spent this time talking about that. But, as you know, I don’t stop myself from rambling and I definitely don’t delete what I’ve done so far just because of a silly reason like… I dunno having a much better thing to talk about. I could have simply saved this but…. Well actually, that would have been the best thing to do, but I’ve never been good at doing things the way they should be done. Anyway to make up for the rambling and the mostly uninteresting topic…

Pimp Hat!

Pimp Hat! Pimp Hat! Pimp Hat! Pimp Hat! Pimp Hat! Pimp Hat!

Pimps wear these!