Dual Monitors

Happy days!

I finnially got around to buying a extra VGA cable and hooking up my old 17″ LCD I had lying around here, as well as the 19″ I was already using.

I’m still amazed by how simple it was to do. I was expecting to be fiddling away in the bios or something like that.

I guess over the next week or so I’ll download a few apps to customize how it functions exactly but for now I’m happy with typing this in one screen and watching my Spotify playlist trundle along in the other. My only qualm is that the second one is slightly blurred but I guess thats because the whole thing is being converted from a DVI socket on my PC through a adapter to VGA and then onto the monitor. I’ll get used to it soon though.


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One Response to “Dual Monitors”

  1. Little Green Man Says:

    WOOO TWO SCREENS. Damn rich people and their spare cash for I dunno…. *muttering*

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