We young lads can have nostalgia too.

Have you ever seen about a days worth of your childhood life being fast-forwarded into the space of a double business class? And I don’t mean day dreaming.

That’s a no is it?

On Tuesday someone in my school discovered a Gameboy emulator, within minutes it was on our school server,. By the end of the day everyone in my year had at least scoffed at the notion of playing Pokemon.  Now 90% of these people had never even heard of a emulator. By the end of the week absolutely everyone in my year, especially the scoffers, were playing all of the various versions of Pokemon pretty much every second class.

The fact that the old Gameboy games were running on shiny new desktops meant that emulators came with a function whereby if you hold the spacebar the game runs at ten times the normal speed.  This meant that after you got used to controlling the the wildly flailing character on the screen you could easily tear through half the game if you got lucky with getting computer room classes.

The whole reason for this post is becasue of something I noticed.

Very few of these people are “hardcore” gamers. Very few. A lot of them do own their 360’s and PS3’s and are technologically savy, but these days they are playing their fifa’s and halo’s less and less. What I found astonishing is, a matter of moments after first comprehending the basics of the emulator and loading the games, its like every single one of them went back to being the six year old they were. The six year old who spent hours upon hours of their lives glued to their 4″ screen so they could get the next badge.

No this isn’t just me. Every one of them instantly recognized the intricacies of the games. Every class was a clamour of “What level does Pigey evolve at?” to a chorus of “Level 18!”, it was pure joy. I ended up having the exact same conversations I’d had with kids when I was 6.

This is obviously just another phase of the popular way to kill time in computer lab classes. But its been one of the most intresting ones since I showed them the joys of browser based online shooters.

Here’s to another week of grinding tall grass to find that Scyther I want.


2 Responses to “We young lads can have nostalgia too.”

  1. Little Green Man Says:

    I wish that my school was leniant enough to be able to run an .exe file off of a usb stick, instead they just ban your account if they detect one.

  2. Smedlorificus Says:

    I played it for a while at the weekend too. Do I have a problem?

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