Because it wouldn’t be a personal blog without pimping…

“What do you intend on pimping Lambo? I don’t want more of your hookers and drugs!” Is what some people will say.

Or at least it would be kinda cool if some people said that. Come on people just admit it, Pimps! have fucking great hats. Who wouldn’t want to have a gloriously ostentatious Pimp Hat!? And the coats! I think I’m gonna find myself some hoes right now just for the chance that I may one day own a complete Pimp! outfit. If I succeed I believe I would get a letter from heaven, telling me that the Pope was struck from a offshoot of my awesomeness, and that god needs a temporary replacement for “generally awesome guy who will pimp his word.”

Yes it is fair to say I think pimps are cool.

Now as a explanation for the first question. I intend on Pimping! my steam group Eventful Bliss. We run fun things for gamers if we feel like having fun at preset point in the future instead of simply having fun right now when we are bored.

… I’m explaining this wrong aren’t I? Well it seems I was pretty good at explaining things when I put up the groups site so go look at my pretty words from then.

Site here

Steampage here

To give out about how basic and crappy the site is (in other words free) – go here

Now as a sort of apology for not telling you proper news (bah! we all know you don’t come here for proper news … Actually why DO you come here? Answer in comments if you could be arsed.) Heres some pictures of Pimps!

Yes Pimps! are now a recurring theme. I’ll do my best to kill it off before it gets out of hand, but I like it so it’ll be hard.

Unless I find something even cooler than pimps….
Nah, there can’t be anything cooler than pimps can there?



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One Response to “Because it wouldn’t be a personal blog without pimping…”

  1. Little Green Man Says:

    That bright green one bottom left is exactly the same (or slightly longer) as the one that my Geography teacher wore. He looks pretty similar as well from a distance.

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