WTF are “other things to do”?

My broadband on my desktop is in tatters, as in, I only get about 2 minutes of a connection a day, the rest of the time my broadband router just randomly blinks its lights at me. I rang the eircom guys on Thursday when I first noticed it and am now waiting for them to ring me back and maybe getting a guy to come out. I’m currently typing on a borrowed laptop that has 3kbs connection. It took me twenty minutes to get to this page.

No updates for a while until its fixed. Before I go I heard that the tf2 video “Meet The Spy” is out. I can’t see it (there was a several minute pause while typing at this point as I went into the other room and unplugged, replugged, reset, punched and screamed at my router in frustration at this travesty).

I can’t even go outside and do other stuff because of this damn rain.

Wooo daytime tv! *weeps*

At times like this I am in no mood to look for pimp pictures or references.

Sorry to… whoever reads this.



2 Responses to “WTF are “other things to do”?”

  1. Little Green Man Says:

    It’s okay man, let it out. One time last year everyone on Virgin Media Cable Broadband (Including me) lost their internet for a week and a half. I had to go to a friends house to do work and get information.

  2. Smedlorificus Says:

    Watch the Jeremy Kyle Show! He berates teenage mothers!

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