Another Perfect World: Bringing my thoughts together.

I’m sure if your interested enough in gaming and the culture that goes with it there’s very little here that I’ll say that will be new to you. But I haven’t thought about this properly in a long while so I might as well type out all these thoughts.

I don’t actually play any MMO’s at the moment and the only exceptions to this are one or two week long stints I had in both Eve Online and WoW. I haven’t played either in months. I am however interested in the MMO idea and the issues that go with it.

Last night I watched True Stories: Another Perfect World on More 4.

Link to the show

Its not currently on Youtube or anywhere like that but for now the only place to see it is on the channel 4 site and its only for the next month or so. On this site its only available to UK residents I believe.

The issues in it were predictable and I found little in it I didn’t know but I did find it really useful. It didn’t provoke new thoughts exactly, but it brought together all these ideas and arguments I had stored away from many places in my memory. I’ve almost never thought about the whole MMO and Virtual Worlds phenomenon as this grand topic especially one where a lot the issues that I have opinions on are also included.

I’d seen ad’s for it and knew that it was a documentary about Virtual Worlds and the people in them. I assumed this would be a kind of detailing of what people do in MMO’s and I’d kinda expected it to go off and be a scare mongerer to gamers mum’s and go on about sex MMO’s and real life killings over virtual disputes.

I decided to allow my mam, who was in the living room at the time, to watch it with me. I decided that if the show went in a good direction it may help set her mind at ease towards the “scary Internet things” I get up to. This turned out to be really instrumental in getting all this out of my head, as I had to pause the programme a good few times to elaborate on a ton of the things, not on what they had said, but what they left out, or how some of the examples and people they spoke to could have gone in a better direction. I found that a awful lot of what they said was relevant and intelligent and I really liked a lot of the Professor of Philosophy’s thoughts (Guy sitting on a deck chair on the roof).

I’m going to assume that if your reading this you’ve already watched the show but you should be able to follow if you haven’t. I’ll be using the format and chapters of the show.

I’ll split the topics up into different posts so I can do them over a day or two… or a week or something. For the rest of the night I’m taking a break.

They’ll be:

  • Escape from Reality.
  • Virtual Money Or Real Money.
  • Virtual Crime Or Real Crime.
  • God Or Government.


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