Why didn’t anyone remind me?

I’m not trying to be a games journalist. I have no willpower of any kind when I don’t need or want to do something. Occasionally I get into a phase where I stay awake at night formulating some plan, for example, my last post which was meant to evolve into a deep musing on the essence of virtual worlds. That plan failed becasue I saw no reason to continue and I’m not the type of person to needless write out a bunch of self perpetuating crap.

If I stumble upon something that I can do a regular post about I will only do it if I enjoy it. Thats my new rule.

Theres more than enough places out there where you can get intresting, serious articles. I might as well stick to the stuff I enjoy and hope that it ends up being fun.

I’ll refer back to my first post. This blog “…will neitherĀ  be updated regularly nor frequently, unless I enjoy it. If that is the case, it shall be both until I eventually grow tired of it anyway.”

I wasn’t enjoying it. It wasn’t updated much. I did however remeber some of the stuff I did enjoy writing so I never completely gave up on it.

This is my explanation and warning. I’m doing this for me, for selfish reasons. The most I’m hoping for is that my reader likes what I like.



One Response to “Why didn’t anyone remind me?”

  1. Little Green Man Says:

    Selfishness is a good motivation

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