So I had a idea – Collaborative Game Diaries.

"I gots me an idea!"

"I gots me an idea!"

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I’m going to tell you about this now because theres a quite reasonable chance that I wont ever do this. I’m not being a nice guy letting you know this so you can go and make something out of it yourself. I’m doing this because I’m a attention seeking prick who wants everyone to give as much credit for stuff to him as possible and by stating this now I will have recorded the idea first.

Of course I’m not the person who first came up with this. I am the first person that I know of within my gaming circles that’s mentioned it. All this can roughly be boiled down into a one word equivalent.


Collaborative Game Diaries.

You take a online game with a decent story and character progression and get a group of nice gaming people to create good unique characters. Play the game doing a regular game diary for your character, including all the times you team up with the other people who are doing their own characterized game diaries. Most MMO’s would suck at this, there isn’t enough story to make a interesting diary out of, everyone does the same stuff essentially. There are however games on the horizon which could let this be done very well. The main one I have in mind is Star Wars: The Old Republic. This would allow you to do something as rich in story, humor and emotion as, for example, John Walker’s Bastard of The Old Republic quite easily. As far as we can tell at this point the story and progression would be exactly as detailed as that, but we’d also have these other people, with their own stories, and they have the ability to join in with your own story when you party up. It wont be great writing, but it’ll be a new take on Game diaries, which hasn’t really been explored as far as I can tell.

APB might also be a good candidate, as the collective story of a street gang or police department might be a fun read.

Anyway, we’ll see what I’m up to when the time comes, when a game is release that allows for this I might still like this idea enough to try and rustle up a few people to do it with me. At least I’m safe in the knowledge that even if I never do it, someone will eventually and theres bound to be one thats really great, lets hope I find it when it’s done. Lets hope I’m the one who does it.


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