So I dug around in my old boxes.

I found a bunch of my old PS 1 games.

Spiderman -one of the first games I completed. I could go on for ages about how cool that game was at the time.

Rayman – I remember liking it, but I’m fairly sure I never got far, or even to the second level.

Doom – One of the first games I ever played. Thank you uncle Liam. Although when  your 4 you will always find it scary.

and Crash Bandicoot – Good times all round.

Then I unearthed Spyro the Dragon.

One of the stongest images in my childhood.

One of the strongest images in my childhood.

Spyro has always been special to me. It’s very possibly the only game of mine my mom took the time to sit down and play a bit with me. It was the game where I learned what “saving the game” meant (I originally thought that it meant that I won the game by doing it). It captured my imagination for months before I even had a Playstation. I’d seen it in toy shops on display machines on the run up to Christmas. When I got my Playstation for Christmas that year (Not sure when. I think I was 5 so that may equate to 1998) Spyro was bundled with it under the Christmas Tree.

I still associate Spryo more with my childhood than maybe even the pokemon games (which came later to me I believe). Pokemon was always the “In” thing, at school on TV or wherever. But Spyro was always the “safe”  homely game. The sequel  I remember slightly that much better due to myself being both a better gamer and older, hence, more  tangible memories, I guess.

So when I unearthed it today it was a great feeling. Not that I’d forgotten it, but that I had it again. I got in the mood to google it off to see what the series is up to these days and to get some facts straight in my head. I wish I hadn’t.

Before I go on I’m going to just say that even though I never considered what the series was up to I guess I had some assumptions based on nothing floating around. I assumed there were the original 3 spryo’s of the time, maybe a Gameboy/DS spinoff and then a new version one for the ps2/xbox generation maybe comprising 1 or two further sequels to the original. Not far off from the truth.

It turns out the original developers (Insomnia) dropped the series after the third game. It then went down the endless route of having half a dozen games on the gameboy ilk. The series also got 2 more sequels both from other low key developers both apparently getting middling reviews.

Then the series got a “reboot” (… straight into the crotch) and came back into being “The Legend of Spyro” which was supposed to have been collectively thought of as “what the fuck?!?”. All the original story gone. Only Spyro and his firefly friend, “Sparx”, survived the jump-ship. The series as far as I can tell went all over the place. They even stopped using the composer of the lovely original scores (Stewart Copeland) along the way. I still remember that music!

Then I saw they are making a movie. I was actually happy at that. It seemed a nice idea. Then it turns out its based off the reboot and is done by the creators of the Eragon movie. *shudders* So not only is my iconic childhood game not going to be remembered as it should be because of the reboot. It will very likely find a lot more haters because of the stymie of having a bad movie attached.

That’s all just angry ranty speculation. I know that. My gripes boil down to this. I always imagined one day telling my kids about the “good ol’ fun I had with Spyro”. But now in that scenario I see them replying with a “Spyro? Weren’t those the weird ps2 games with the shitty movie?”, after which I’d beat them for cursing.

Lesson learned. Leave your happy childhood alone.

So yeah, about 90% of this article was unneccary but thats how much I value the importance of my Spyro.

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