Self improvement!

I’m making another foray into learning to program and I’m saying it here as a incentive to make me do it.

If I fail then you all get to be super mean to me until I try again. Fair enough?

If I get decent at it, you all owe me a tenner though.


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7 Responses to “Self improvement!”

  1. Little Green Man Says:

    Wait, so if you do something I automagically owe you money? I don’t like the sound of this…

  2. Shnyker and his bat. Says:

    Fo’ rizzle. I ain’t payin’ no two bit prog’mm’r ten bucks jus’ cuz he can nowin som’in’.

  3. Smedlorificus Says:

    Are we all Snoop Dogg now? Because that’d be brilliant!

  4. Shnyker and his bat. Says:

    Fo’ shizzle dawg.

  5. aoanla Says:

    What programming language?
    (If you don’t care, I’d suggest starting with something like Python or Ruby, which is slightly nicer for the beginner than C, for example.)

    • lambo101 Says:

      This would be my second foray into python. The first was a very basic beginners manual and it gave me the basics and I wrote some simple stuff which I understood but it just kinda ended and I’m left with a… “so I can make this nice little mcjiggers but what do I do now?” I’m currently searching for something to go over the simple stuff again and to get me into using it properly.

  6. Little Green Man Says:

    I also have some fat book on learning C. Pity me…

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