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So I Had An Idea – Starwars Lightsaber Systems In Games.

October 12, 2009
My clever hat was functioning well.

My clever hat was functioning well.

Same deal as last time.  I had a nice brainstorm session (fueled by yogurt) with a group of fellow RPS community members, (namely Yargh and Land) a while back.  I can’t remember how long ago this was but I’m finnially deciding to get this concept posted somewhere for the same reasons as before “Blah blah blah I’m selfish and I want it to be MY idea blah blah” or something like that but more cleverly written to make me not seem like a hateful prick.

Anyways. I decided the easiest way would be to just translate the end idea from the convo to a paragraph to stop confusion.
This is how *I* would do fighting with lightsabers in a Star Wars game…. (more…)