Introducing my new Daily Topics!

My Christmas Exams are now over.

I now, however, seem to being without any consistent form of entertainment (not that the exams were entertainment, I’ve been bored while doing them also.)  I need something to keep myself amused, busy  and hopefully constructive over the holidays.

For the forseeable future I’m going to be doing Daily Topics about whatever I feel like I should talk about. Mostly games stuff. While I was considering this I realized that there is no way in hell that I’m going to be able to keep that up. Instead I’m going to do the Daily Topics once a week.

Why is it still called “The Daily Topic”? Because as I’ve mentioned, I hate deleting what I’ve already typed and also I’ve already placed an order with the t-shirt shop for 5000 of these

I should be able to sell these easily enough, right? ... Right?

I should be able to sell these easily enough, right? ... Right?

The topics may be about a game in particular, some new news or developement that sparked some thoughts or maybe even a retarded breakdown of why life would be better if monkey were made of custard.

I also hope to interspace this with short sum ups of the interesting shit I found during the week. I think I attempted that before* but left it at one post. The usual odd tidbits may also pop up in between as well.

First topic will come before christmas.


*Related note: I actually DID take up canoeing, well rowing actually. At no point when writing that did I actually want to go canoeing, and at no point when I decided to join a rowing team did I recall that joke. Funny how stuff like that works out.

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One Response to “Introducing my new Daily Topics!”

  1. Shnyker Says:

    errrkay. You have fun writing all this jibber. And that jabber as well. I might even read them if you manage to be interesting enough.

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