If I were you.

If I were you, I’d read this.

When people say “If I were you, I’d…” I always take issue with that. The main reason for this is:

If you were me then you would do what I’d do because its ME!

I know people don’t really mean that particular interpretation, but it is an obvious flaw with the phrase.

Now, another thing that seriously bothers me about this phrase is its ambiguity. For example as well as the above, it could also mean:

  • If you were me, in the sense of: you and all of your person as you are, were in my current situation, that you would do the action in question differently.

There is already a phrase to say that, from now on say “If I was in your position”. You have been misusing “If I were you”, please stop it.


  • If you were me and you had lived my life, with all my thoughts and experiences, whilst retaining your own personality, that you would do the action in question differently.

That wouldn’t work. Although some of our personality is indeed predetermined by our own self (Some call it you’re “soul” or “spark” or just your brain’s makeup.) your experiences have a massive effect on it as well. If this is what you meant, than that means that what you would do is irrelevant, you are not you anymore, if you have lived my life and become as much of me as you can while not sharing a brain you are someone completely different, someone you cannot speak for.

As you can see, neither really works. So please stop using this phrase.

If you disagree (or just want to agree wholeheartedly) or you think I missed another point of view on it, comment away if you wish.

Yeah, and I know a lot of that was as confusingly written as fuck, take your time, or just rant at me below. Its all the one.



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