This is the generic bit in blogs where the writer puts up a big picture of themselves and goes on about who they are and make puns about how bad they are.  Presumably so you’ll come away expecting low standards of writing and are then pleasantly surprised when they are in fact able to make coherent sentences. The fact that these are so uncannily the same from blog to blog is rather quite silly in my opinion. But on second thoughts its actually a good plan.

Quickly then.

In online lands I go by the name of “Lambo” as often as possible.  My real name is Cian, which needs a thing or two said about it before we move on. Cian is a Irish name and it is a popular Irish name. It is pronounced “keen”. That was probably not really relevant at all to you but just in case we ever meet, I have been known to punch people who annoy me with questions about my name. I am happy with my name. Now let us never discus it again.

The quickness of this is rapidly failing.

Bullet points!

  • I am Irish.
  • I attend secondary school and have left transition year and will enter the Senior Cycle.
  • That makes me 16 at this current point in time.
  • My main hobby would be gaming.
  • I play many games but almost exclusively on the PC.
  • Other hobbies include basketball and films
  • Your mother is great in bed.
  • Just checking if your paying attention.
  • I aspire to be something of a games developer.
  • That aspiration is unreasonable because I live in Ireland and am incredibly lazy.
  • Making a blog to convince myself I’m  a good writer is not my goal here.
  • Making a blog to convince myself I can be amusing is.
  • I suck at grammar, expect my words to not good be.

That seemed satisfactorily derogatory towards myself. Did it work?

One Response to “About”

  1. Shnyker Says:

    No it didn’t work, but I found it pretty ‘keen’.

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