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Useful sunglasses, why not?

January 9, 2010

This is just a short one, no need to panic.

I also have one of him with a pimp hat.I also have one of him in a pimp hat.

Take any game set in a really bright, sunny place. Far Cry 2 would be a decent example. Would it not be intresting, and add a bit more to immersion, to have a key to put on a pair of shades if you are heading directly towards the sun or you find that there is far too much glare.

Funtionally it should work like nightvision from any other game. but with the specs themselves having a more tangible connection to the world. They may be a commodity you can buy for example.

Obviously you would need to up the bloom ingame for them to be properly useful, but it would present a new (albeit small) layer of tacticality in combat. Whether to attack with the sun to your back if you don’t have sunglasses, or, if you have really shit, scratched and muddy sunglasses, to bother putting them on at all. Maybe if they are worn and battered enough they may suddenly snap or fall off leaving you momentarily blinded.

Also, putting on shades always does make you feel that extra bit cool doesn’t it?

Just a thought.


Daily topic of the Week: Could “pet games”, where the player is the pet, work out?

January 4, 2010

Everyone is familiar, to some degree, with the “pet game” phenomenon. Nintendogs and Tamagotchi would be the most notable. Hell, even games more mainstream such as pokemon are pet games to a limited degree, at least. They’re devoid of the caring and demands of a pet game, but still asking you to collect grow and play with your creatures.

What if there were games designed solely for the purpose of the player taking the role of a more intelligent beings pet? Would it work? (more…)

So I Had An Idea – Starwars Lightsaber Systems In Games.

October 12, 2009
My clever hat was functioning well.

My clever hat was functioning well.

Same deal as last time.  I had a nice brainstorm session (fueled by yogurt) with a group of fellow RPS community members, (namely Yargh and Land) a while back.  I can’t remember how long ago this was but I’m finnially deciding to get this concept posted somewhere for the same reasons as before “Blah blah blah I’m selfish and I want it to be MY idea blah blah” or something like that but more cleverly written to make me not seem like a hateful prick.

Anyways. I decided the easiest way would be to just translate the end idea from the convo to a paragraph to stop confusion.
This is how *I* would do fighting with lightsabers in a Star Wars game…. (more…)