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It’s funny being here again

June 7, 2013

Being on this blog again has made me realize that I no longer reside in the same head space that this blog was forged on. For this reason, I am henceforth mothballing this place for good, and taking up residence and beginning anew, not here, as I was planning, but at

For all the stop starting and occasional cringes, I am proud of this blog and of the 16ish year old guy who made it. It’ll be here for any wayward internet travellers and/or stalkers of me. Enjoy it.

Let’s talk, but first, watch this.

June 7, 2013

As described here ( )

Take this as me simply showing you the frame of mind I’m in at the moment. The next post (or two, I haven’t really decided yet) shall explain quite a bit more.

So I had a idea – Collaborative Game Diaries.

July 15, 2009
"I gots me an idea!"

"I gots me an idea!"

picture stolen from here

I’m going to tell you about this now because theres a quite reasonable chance that I wont ever do this. I’m not being a nice guy letting you know this so you can go and make something out of it yourself. I’m doing this because I’m a attention seeking prick who wants everyone to give as much credit for stuff to him as possible and by stating this now I will have recorded the idea first.

Of course I’m not the person who first came up with this. I am the first person that I know of within my gaming circles that’s mentioned it. All this can roughly be boiled down into a one word equivalent.



Another Perfect World: Bringing my thoughts together.

June 24, 2009

I’m sure if your interested enough in gaming and the culture that goes with it there’s very little here that I’ll say that will be new to you. But I haven’t thought about this properly in a long while so I might as well type out all these thoughts. (more…)