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So I got a “arty” phase.

September 1, 2009

Not much happening on the programming front I’m afraid. For now I’m facinated in finding pretty pictures and am also jobbing-on people to help find or make a new image for “Lambo”. I’m tired of my having only one image to represent my name/avatar/tag/nick online.

Here’s the current one in use.

The original I stole from some random google search.

The original I stole from some random google search years ago.

Anything that improves, alters or is even vaguely resembling this will be accepted.

As for what set me off on this phase.

This picture really endeared itself to me.

If everyday really was a adventure when your younger...

If everyday really was a adventure when you were younger...

Full size here

It was the artists’ blog ( and seeing his other stuff that got me intrested. So now I’m browsing .

So if you know any, or happen to be, a charitable artist then I’d love to have a talk with you regarding the Lambo image. Yes, I am that cheap and demanding.


Dual Monitors

May 3, 2009

Happy days!

I finnially got around to buying a extra VGA cable and hooking up my old 17″ LCD I had lying around here, as well as the 19″ I was already using.

I’m still amazed by how simple it was to do. I was expecting to be fiddling away in the bios or something like that.

I guess over the next week or so I’ll download a few apps to customize how it functions exactly but for now I’m happy with typing this in one screen and watching my Spotify playlist trundle along in the other. My only qualm is that the second one is slightly blurred but I guess thats because the whole thing is being converted from a DVI socket on my PC through a adapter to VGA and then onto the monitor. I’ll get used to it soon though.


The Zombatars are on my lawn/profilepage!

May 2, 2009

Got out of bed. Trundled around. Tried to wake up by pouring various things down my throat and eventually gave up that and on my health and simply ate chocolate. Brunch is fun.

Anyway just hopped on steam to see whats what and now I am completely alert. Not because I’m on steam. But because I saw this.

I hope I can make a Boomer

I hope I can make a Boomer

For those interested the link to the tool is here. And the main page for Plants vs Zombies is here.

Heres the result of my work.



My Guy. No your actually wrong. He IS awesome.

My Guy. No you're actually wrong. He IS awesome.

Sadly it's missing a "Create a entire blog post about this to save you time and effort" button.

Sadly it's missing a "Create a entire blog post about this to save you time and effort" button.

Its very simple, and most people will come out with pretty much the same thing, but seeing how much I got interested in this and the fact that I just spent the last 30 minutes or something doing this, it shows how clever it is for a marketing ploy. Or maybe I’m just really really stupid and easily pleased.



Provide a email address and get 10% off the game when it comes out. Thats a whole euro! Although You first need to decided what the price of spam is to you.

Sign up here on the site if your interested.

Save your self the price of a ninety nine cone! It’ll be summer soon. (or a regualr burger at mcdonalds if your so inclined.)