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The Road I didn’t take… because I didn’t know it existed

January 10, 2010
"Ah the Road, why won't they ever make a movie of you"

"Ah the Road, why won't they ever make a movie of you"

You know those books that you love that you’d think would make a great movie? You know how great it would feel if one of them was turned into a movie?

"Is this a new book cover... wait.. ITS WHAT!?"

"Is this a new book cover... wait... ITS WHAT!?"

Imagine how you would feel if you found out that not only was there a movie being considered, but it had been made, released and gotten favourable reviews weeks ago.

Now imagine you have no money to see it and that in another week or so it’ll be gone from cinemas. How great is that?

Anyone seen it?


So… ummm.

January 4, 2010

I mentioned I was going on holidays right? I mean I’m not entirely stupid am I?

Well lets pretend I did let you know that I was spending the last week and a bit in Lanzerote.

You all still believe me that I’ll do Daily Topics and everything is fine now, it has to be.


Self improvement!

August 29, 2009

I’m making another foray into learning to program and I’m saying it here as a incentive to make me do it.

If I fail then you all get to be super mean to me until I try again. Fair enough?

If I get decent at it, you all owe me a tenner though.