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The Trawlings of a Adolecent Male. Yes.

May 1, 2009

Probable reactions to this title:

“How interesting! That title has completely grabbed my attention. This is sure to be quite the read!”

“If only I had the internet, then I could be just like Lambo!”

Now, the point

Since I’m not always in a very ranty/thoughtful mood I shall mix up the stuff here with my choice picks from my browser history every now and again.

So basically. FUN LINKS!



The original Image was stolen from here.

In the last day or so,  I’ve spent a lot of my time at:

Weebl’s Stuff – After seeing this on TV and spending a few weeks racking my head as to where I knew that tune from, I eventually found it out through some really fantastic guesswork and problem solving on my part. If you want the full saga to my re-discovery of Weeble’s Stuff, click here. After I remembered about my old love of the cartoons here I quickly ended up spending far too much time watching and re-watching “The Ultimate Showdown (of Ultimate Destiny)”. No, that is an acceptable thing to do since the the song is so awesome so shush.

Rock Paper Shotgun – Are very nice PC games news site. If you read my blog, then your most likely part of my friends or one of my groups so you’ll probably know of it anyway. I’ve been here a lot the last week. I do love them lovely typed words I must admit.

Tutvids – Been spending some time here, not as much as I intended to, but still. I’ve only recently took up photoshopping but out of all the tutorials and videos I found. I preferred there ones. Or at least, these are the only ones I liked enough to spend any amount of time listening to.

There’s a large amount of other blogs about gaming. But to name a few would be playing favorites and to name them all would be effort. I don’t like effort.And I’m just not in the mood to think about which I like best either. Result? No links at all. That way everyone wins…. or is it no one? *sigh*

Anyway there are other links but … well, there’s a lot of them and I’m tired. I may just store them up and give them to you all at once further down the line as some sort of general mush of fun/interesting/blasphemous/illegal crap. Or I’ll just forget. Or I’ll be lazy. Or I’ll think its a bad idea. Or I may not be able to provide enough links to warrant a post. Or I may just give up on blogging and take up canoeing or something? Who knows?